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Top 2017 Drivers - So Far... What are the Top Golf Driver To Look For in 2017

Novermber 2016.  If you are like every other golfer out there you are always looking for ways to drive the ball further and not be the shortest hitter in your foursome.  

If you're tired of being outdriven by smallest guy in your foursome you may want to take a look at some of the new 2017 drivers. These new drivers are designed to hit the ball consistently further so you won't have to sacrifice a lot of distance even on off-center hits.

Now it's only November and a lot of the 2017 drivers have not been released yet but these are the ones to look out for so far:  

Callaway BIg Bertha Fusion Driver

Callaway is touting the 2017 Big Bertha Fusion as its straightest and most forgiving driver to date.  To accomplish this Callaway "Fused" an aerospace-grade titanium Exo-Cage with a ultra-light Triaxial Carbon crown and sole. The fusion of these materials allowed Callaway engineers to position substantially more weight in the perimeter and far back from the face compared to our previous drivers, resulting in a dramatically higher level of forgiveness.  More forgiveness means more distance on off-center hits.  You can also order the driver with a shorter 44.5" shaft for additional control. 

Availability: Now
Street Price: $399.99

Titleist 917D2 and 917D3 Drivers

Unlike other golf equipment manufacturers that release a new driver once or twice per year, Titleist only releases its drivers every other year.  The 2-year release cycle for their drivers insures that there will be more than just incremental changes in the newer models. 

The 917D driver deliver on that.  The 917D2 driver has the larger, 460cc head providing more forgiveness while the 917D3 features a deeper 440cc head for more control and lower launch and spin.

While all of the features carried over from the 915D drivers have been significantly improved - like the Active Recoil Channel and Radial Speed Face - the biggest advancement for the 917D is the addition of Sure Fit CG Feature.

Sure Fit CG is an adjustable weight that allows you to move the center of gravity to help encourage and enhance the fade and draw bias of the head as well as lower and raise spin rates as needed. 

Availability: Now
Street Price: $449.99

Srixon Z565 and Z765

Srixon releases two new drivers for 2017 with the most advanced features Srixon has ever had in a driver.  The Z565 features a larger 460cc head  that promotes a higher launch with more forgiveness and slight draw bias.  The Z765 features a more compact 445cc head for more control and lower launch for golfers with higher swing speeds.

Both models include three features that Srixon calls the "ripple effect" that make the the best performing drivers Srixon has ever offered.   

New Stretch Flex Cup Face - Face has been extended farther around crown and sole to create a larger sweet spot

New Power Wave Sole - Advanced multi-step design allows the lower face to flex, helping increase distance across the face

New Lightweight Crown
- About 4 grams have been removed from the crown and repositioned to enhance clubhead MOI and lower the center of gravity

Availability: Now
Street Price: $399.99

Mizuno JPX 900 Drivers

The new JPX 900 driver may be the most technologically advanced,  adjustable driver on the market. But don't just think of it as a driver with all the bells and whistles.  This driver is long and extra forgiving.  

The JPX 900 has three weight tracks in the sole and two 8 gram weights.  The Infinite Fast Track: uses the pair of eight-gram adjustable weights on an unbounded track, yielding unlimited settings to precisely dial in spin and vertical launch parameters.

The Toe and Heel Fast Track allows you to add weight to either the to or heel of the club to promote a draw of fade shot shape. 

In addition, loft is adjustable +- 2 degrees and the lighter, CorTech face provides faster ball speeds on both center and off-center hits- meaning more distance.

Availability: Now
Street Price: $399.99

Cobra F7 and F7+ Drivers

The new KING F7 driver features a larger face and address profile that provides more distance, forgiveness and speed across the face. An adjustable weight system, with three center of gravity (CG) settings, provides golfers with optimum distance and trajectory for a variety of conditions. The F7 driver is also the first to utilize the COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos system embedded in the grip, allowing golfers to automatically track the distance and accuracy of every drive.

The carbon fibre weight track that was available in the F6 driver has been replaced by a new adjustable weight system.  Move the heavier 12g colored weight to the front position for a lower, penetrating ball flight with less spin and more roll, or place the weight in the back position for a higher, towering ball flight with added spin for more carry. Moved the weight to the heel position, will create more draw spin to correct a slice and deliver straighter drives.

Availability: Feb 2017
Street Price: TBD

TaylorMade M1 - 2017

Nothing official from TaylorMade yet but these photos of what looks like a new M1 2017 driver appeared on Instagram.

Going from the looks, it appears that TaylorMade will continue with a new/improved T-Track System that consists of both a Front and back track with TBD # grams of adjustable weight.  There also appears to be more carbon-fibre used in the sole of the driver so that 
gives engineers some additional discretionary weight to move around in the club head.  

More information will be provided when available but you can count on this driver to be as hot or hotter than the current M1 - which was the top-selling driver for 2016.

Availability: TBD
Street Price: TBD

TaylorMade M2 - 2017

Nothing official from TaylorMade yet but these photos of what looks like a new M2 2017 driver appeared on the Golfwrx website. 

Most people believed the the M1 driver would be the flagship model for TaylorMade but actually the M2 driver is the most played driver on the PGA Tour.  The new M2 again shows limited adjustability - just adjustable hosel - in lieu of features like the speedpocket that increase distance and performance.

More information will be provided when available but you can count on this driver to be as hot or hotter than the current M2.

Availability: TBD
Street Price: TBD

Callaway Big Bertha Epic Driver - 2017

What we know so far is that the Big Bertha Epic driver will be targeted at the better golfer with higher swing speeds.  The driver will feature a sliding weight located at the heel of the club to control dispersion.

A new "Jail Break" technology has been added which supposedly will increase ball speeds while pushing the USGA limits. 

Availability: TBD
Street Price: TBD

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