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Club Fitting - The Best $50 You'll Ever Spend On Golf

Imagine walking around in shoes four sizes too big.

Or driving a car with the pedals too far away.

You’d look pretty silly. And you wouldn’t be able to walk or drive your car very well. That’s why you buy shoes for your foot size and adjust your car seat to reach the pedals.

Why then do you play with golf clubs not suited towards your swing?

Any golfer that is about to invest in their game by buying a new set of clubs ought to make one more investment, as well: a customized clubfitting.

Each golfer is a bit diverse in dimension, body shape plus the form of their golf swing. A custom clubfitting ends in clubs which can be precisely suited to an individual's height, strength, clubhead speed and swing qualities.

Off-the-shelf golf clubs are one-size-fits-all, designed for the "standard" golfer. In this case, standard usually means another person 5-foot-9 or 5-10 who hits a 5- or 6-iron 160 yards. A golfer might get fortunate by having an off-the-shelf set, but quite a few golfers will find themselves ill-suited for an off-the-shelf set.

And the adjustments a golfer tends to make in her or his game to compensate for an ill-fitting set can make grooving a terrific swing significantly more challenging.

A clubfitting may be performed at any good golf retail store or by a golf pro, but it is recommended to be done by a professional fitter, outdoors so that the ball flight might be observed.

Contrary to the belief of many, a customized clubfitting doesn't need to be a time-consuming or pricey endeavor. A standard clubfitting could possibly take as few as 15 minutes, while normal fittings may last 30-60 minutes.

Extra in-depth fittings can take a half day, but are usually only done by serious golfers that play competitively.

As for the price, quite a few golf retailers provide you with a fitting free of charge so long as you agree to acquire your new set from them. Most fitting pros charge a modest charge, maybe $35 to $50 being the average.

During the customized clubfitting, the golfer hits shots with the exact same club. For example, a well-equipped fitting center could have dozens (in some cases, hundreds) of a certain club, say a Callaway 6-iron. Each of the Callaway 6-irons might be different from the other in some way.

The goal is to discover the most beneficial blend of shaft (length, flex and kickpoint), loft (conventional, potent or flat), lie angle (regular, upright or flat), grip and swingweight, among other things.

By watching the ball flight developed by each and every variation of a club, and checking chalk marks left on adhesive strips attached on the clubface and sole (which inform the fitter exactly where club impact is taking place), a clubfitter can rapidly narrow the search and lead the student on the greatest fit.

Fittings can be carried out for each club in the bag, which include putters, but iron fittings are most common, with driver fittings following closely behind.

Not surprisingly, a fitting only works if you end up buying a set of clubs custom made to those specifications. Two items to keep in mind: If you end up purchasing a set, the price should not be more than the the ones off the shelf unless you are upgrading a shaft or grip; and a golfer is under no obligation to purchase a set from your fitter carrying out the fitting (unless of course you agreed to perform so as a technique to obtain a no cost custom clubfitting).

So there is very little reason for any individual in the market for new clubs to not get properly fitted. If you want to really save more, go ahead and get fitted then bring your custom specs to us. We will get the set ordered for you and deduct the fitting fee from our already discounted prices.

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