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Top 10 Father's Day Golf Gift Ideas For 2012

Father's Day is right around the corner and I know some of you are already dreading the decision on what to buy Dad for his day. Yes we appreciate the neck ties, cologne and the power tools but if you ask us what we really want for Father's Day our answer would be NEW GOLF EQUIPMENT!

Father's Day to a golfer means two things, gifts and the US Open. If your father is a golfer, your life just got a little easier. I am frequently asked what people should get as gifts for golfers and when Father's Day comes around, I get even more questions. Without keeping you waiting any longer, here is a quick guide to the Top 10 Golf Gift Ideas for Father's Day 2012:

1.  A New Golf Driver

Ask a golfer what their favorite club is in their bag and most would say their driver. Also ask what club would you most like to replace and you would probably get the same answer. Out of any club in the bag, the driver is the most loved and hated. It also is the club that contains the most technology and can effect your golf game the most. Every golfer wants to add distance to their shots and the latest drivers are made to be easier to hit with larger sweetspots and lighter weight which all adds up to more driving distances.

Top Selling Drivers 2012

  1. TaylorMade RocketBallz Driver
  2. Callaway RAZR Fit Driver
  3. Cleveland Classic 290 Driver
  4. TaylorMade R11S Driver
  5. Titleist 910D2 Driver

2. Golf GPS Devices 2012

Golfers are also technogeeks. We deal with numbers in golf whether it be yardages or score or averages or handicaps. There no better way to satisfy our love of golf and electronic gizmos than to have one of these new Golf GPS devices. These devices use GPS satellite signals to give the golfer an accurate yardage to the golf hole or to any of the hazzards on the course such as bunkers or water. No longer do you have to search around the ground to find the yardages on a hidden sprikler head.  The bad part is we can't blame our bad score on not knowing the correct yardage!

Top Selling Golf GPS Devices 2012
  1. SkyCaddie SGX-w
  2. Garmin SG3 GPS Watch
  3. Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS
  4. Garmin G6 GPS
  5. Callaway Upro MX+

3. Golf Rangefinders

Even more accurate than the Golf GPS devices. A rangefinder is a bicocular type device that you look through to obtain accurate distance readings. Rangefinders use a laser to calculate yardages but unlike the GPS devices which give you limited waypoints for yardages, you can pretty much aim at anything within 300 yards and get accurate yardage listings. Most golf professionals use rangefinders in calculating yardages because of their accuracy.

4. A New Putter

After the driver, the putter the second most "upgraded" club. Golfers are always looking for that special putter that just feels comfortable and gives them confidence to knock every putt in from within 20 feet. Unlike drivers, putters are usually more affordable so golfers will experiment with several models before choosing one that will make the cut and enter their golf bag.  Remember "Drive for show but Putt for dough!"

5. Golf Shoes

No longer are golf shoes big, bulky and ugly looking. The latest golf shoes not only have technology to keep the golfer stable during the golf swing but also are comfortable and look cool. Some of the newest shoes are so comfortable and good-looking that you will want to wear them off the course too.

6. A New Hybrid Club

Probably to most popular and significant invention in golf club technology in the last 5 years has been the introduction of the Hybrid club.  A hybrid club is a cross between a fairway wood and an iron but because of its design it is much easier to hit than a longer iron.  Most professional golfers on the PGA tour are now using hybrid clubs instead of their longer irons.  Longer irons such as the 2, 3, and 4 irons are much harder to hit and often times you have to be very accurate to get a solid hit.  Hybrids are more forgiving and launch the ball higher and longer and they land softer so you won't go bouncing off the green when you make that all important approach shot.

Top Selling Hybrid Clubs 2012

7.Golf Carts

"Real" golfers prefer to walk the course rather than ride a powercart. When you walk a course you get the health benefit of walking 5-6 miles while at the same time being able to talk with your golfing buddies and concentrate on your next shot. For golfers that don't want to carry their bag 18 holes there are many bag carts to choose from ranging from ones that you can push or pull to ones that are electronically driven even with a hand-held  remote control. So give Dad the gift of good health by getting him a new golf cart and soon he will be be shedding extra pounds in addition to strokes.

8.  Golf Training Aids

When not playing golf golfers are either thinking about golf or practicing golf. We are always looking for that special training aid that will correct all the swing issues we have. Today there are golf training aids in all shapes and sizes that claim to correct anything from a slice or a hook and add distance and accuracy.

9.  Golf Balls

If anyone tells you that they don't need or want golf balls as a gift they are lying. Golfers always need golf balls and they are always looking for that special new ball that will add 20 yards to their drives or fly straighter and land softer. Todays golf balls have the biggest impact on shot-making and distance. There isn't one golfer that would be upset if you got them the latest Titleist Pro V1, TaylorMade Penta TP, or Bridgestone 330 balls.

10.  Golf Gifts and Accessories

Golfer like to fill their house with golf related items. One of the top golf related gifts is a ball display case were the proud golfer can display the golf balls used to make that hole-in-one or other special shot. Another cool gift is a golf flag frame where you can display a golf flag from your favorite course. 

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