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S.O.S.! - Sorting Out The SLDR Driver Selections From TaylorMade - Great Golf Deals Blog

With the recent announcement of the new TaylorMade SLDR S line of woods and irons along with the just released SLDR White Driver and SLDR Mini Driver it has many golfers wondering just what the heck is the difference between all these SLDR clubs????

It can be somewhat confusing with all the SLDR branding being used but there are differences, some significant and some not so much, and we will do our best to explain them.

TaylorMade SLDR 460 Driver

First of all, the original SLDR 460 driver was released at the end of 2013 and is currently the most popular driver on Tour.  TaylorMade bucked conventional wisdom by introducing a driver that featured a low/forward center of gravity (CG) which according to TaylorMade engineers produces a high-launch low-spinning drive which is the holy grail for optimal distance.  In addition this driver features a sliding 20 gram weight that allows up to 30 yards of shot dispersion.  This driver was also available in a TP model where the only difference was an upgraded, tour-level shaft that was substituted for the original SLDR shaft.  Check out SLDR Driver specs here.

TaylorMade SLDR 430 Driver

Shortly after the first of the year, TaylorMade introduced the SLDR 430 driver.  Almost identical to the original SLDR driver, as the name suggest, this driver has a slightly smaller head at 430cc and a slightly heavier shaft.  The smaller club head allows the more skilled golfer be able to work the ball more and the slightly stronger shaft produces more of a boring, tour ball flight.  The SLDR 430 is also available in a TP version which features an upgraded, tour-level shaft.  Check out all the SLDR 430 Driver specs here.

TaylorMade White SLDR Driver

Just recently, TaylorMade introduced the new Limited-Edition White SLDR Driver.  This is identical to the original SLDR driver but with a beautiful white crown for those who still prefer the white club heads.  A TP version is also available which swaps out the stock shaft with an upgraded, tour-level shaft.  Check out the SLDR White Driver specs here.

TaylorMade SLDR Mini Driver

Also recently released was the TaylorMade SLDR Mini Driver. Now this is where it gets a little confusing.  With this club, if you developed a hybrid between and driver and a 3 wood this would be the club. At 260cc's it is much smaller than a driver but also larger than the standard SLDR fairway wood (155cc).   Although it is still named a SLDR, this club does not have the 20 gram sliding weight feature that the other SLDR drivers have.  In it's place, the SLDR Mini utilizes a Speed Pocket and that combined with the lower/forward CG promotes increased ball speeds, higher launch angles and more distance.  

It has a shorter shaft length than the average driver, measuring 43.5”, giving the clubhead superior control for straighter shots. The sole of the Mini driver makes it easy to hit off the fairway and in light rough, as well as being hit off a tee. If you are a golfer that has been using a 3 Wood off the tee or is someone who plays a shorter course with tight driving holes where driver precision is important then this is the club for you.

The SLDR Mini Driver is also available in a TP version which substitutes the stock shaft with an upgraded, tour-level shaft.  Check out the SLDR Mini Driver specs here.

TaylorMade SLDR S Driver

You're probably wondering what's the big difference between this new TaylorMade SLDR S driver and the original SLDR driver?? Well, they both have the low/forward center of gravity(CG) that when combined with a higher loft produces long, low-spinning drives. They both also have the revolutionary 21 position SLDR movable weight that promotes up to 30 yards of shot shape adjustment.

The difference is that TaylorMade has simplified the adjustment of this driver. The SLDR S driver has a fixed-hosel position where unlike the original SLDR driver, loft is not adjustable.  Because of this the SLDR S is available in some very high lofts including 10° 12° 14° and 16° degrees.

In addition, this driver just looks cool! Its striking modern-classic shape, satin silver crown and black “button-back” all adds up to a remarkably beautiful appearance at address. And the clean design of SLDR’s movable weight mechanism, including the single, blue weight and the track it slides in makes its appearance equally striking.

If you've waited to pull the trigger on a new SLDR driver you're in luck. The new SLDR S is TaylorMade's simplest to use, longest and most visually compelling club they have ever created.  Check out the SLDR S Driver specs here.

TaylorMade has given us golfers a wide selections of driver offerings this year but hasn't done a great job at explaining what the differences among them are.  We hope that this gives you a better understanding of the differences and helps you make that all-important driver purchase decision. TaylorMade is so sure that you will be satisfied with your SLDR purchase that they are offering 30 day money-back guarantee on on the drivers.  So SLDR offers a large selection of choices, increased distance and money-back guarantee: what are you waiting for?

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