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Sneak Preview of The New 2015 Golf Clubs - Great Golf Deals.com Blog

It's only November but it seems like most of the major golf equipment manufacturers are either launching their 2015 club now or are providing sneak previews of what is coming in early 2015.  I understand the reason for the November launch is to take advantage of the Holiday buying window but for those of us who live in Northern climates, it means hitting the new clubs off mats into a net until the snow melts away.

For those that are looking at possibly replacing some gear in 2015 here is a breakdown so far, by manufacturer, of their 2015 lineup:

Adams Golf 2015

As of this writing, the only 2015 equipment announced so far by Adams is the new IDEA Tech Hybrid iron set and the 2015 Tight Lies fairways and hybrids.

Adams IDEA Tech Hybrid Iron Combo Set

Adams has always set the standard for hybrid/iron combo sets beginning with their original IDEA sets first introduced in the late 90's.  The new 2015 IDEA Tech Hybrid Iron Combo set  is designed specifically for golfers with slower swing speeds who want to launch the ball high and achieve greater distance than traditional irons.

To accomplish this Adams has added an external 24-gram weight to the back of the hybrids (3-5), engineers were able to position the center of gravity lower and further back than any previous Adams hybrid. This design gives slower swing-speed players higher launch and increased spin, helping them keep the ball airborne longer.
 The Idea Tech Hybrid Irons (6-PW) feature an enhanced wrap-around slot that stretches from the toe across the sole of the club and into the crown. This enhanced slot design expands the sweet spot across the entire face, delivering better performance on off-center strikes. In addition, a refined barbell-shaped slot on the crown reduces stress on the face while delivering enhanced ball speeds upon impact, resulting in the fastest and longest Adams Idea hybrid and iron combination in history.

The Adam’s Idea Tech Hybrid Irons are available in three distinctly different specs for men, seniors and women.

Men’s set ($799.99 Steel/$899.99 Graphite): 3-5 Hybrid; 6-7 Driving Hybrid; and 8-PW Hybrid Irons.
Senior set ($899.99 Graphite): 4-6 Hybrids; 7-8 Driving Hybrid; and 9-GW Hybrid Iron.
Women’s set ($899.99 Graphite): 4-6 Hybrids; 7-8 Driving Hybrid; and 9-SW Hybrid Iron.

All sets are available at retail beginning Friday, October 24, 2014.

Adams Tight Lies 2015

Adams and the Tight Lies model have been around for a long time and they were the first to offer the option of easy-to-hit fairway woods.  For 2015, Adams continues to make improvements to the Tight Lies line by adding a Titanium option in the fairway wood and for the first time offering a Hybrid with the Tight Lies technology.

Tight Lies Fairway Woods 2015

Same upside-down, shallow club face which makes it much easier to hit out of all lies.  A new "Ghost Slot" masks the slot on the top of the club head to give it a more appealing look at address.  A new barbell shaped Ghost Slot reduces stress on the clubface and produces more ball speed and distance.

A new Titanium version of the fairway wood delivers the lowest CG ever in an Adams fairway wood allows Adams to reach the COR limits on spring like effects across as large an area of face as possible to give golfers ball speed while living up to the playability expected of a Tight Lies fairway.

Tight Lies Hybrids 2015

For the first time ever, Adams, the leader in hybrid technology, offers the Tight Lies technology in a hybrid. The same easy-to-hit, upside-down head shape makes this Adam's easiest to hit hybrid.

Tight Lies fairway woods and hybrids will be available at retail starting October 1 with an MSRP of $199.99 and $179.99, respectively. Tight Lies Titanium will have a retail price of $249.99.

Callaway continues the use of the Big Bertha model which was successfully re-introduced last last year.  For 2015 we are seeing Big Bertha name used on a new line of drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Drivers:

The new Big Bertha Alpha 815 brings the Gravity Core to a driver that is much more forgiving than the 2014 Big Bertha Alpha. It’s built on a 460-cubic-centimeter chassis that’s similar to the 2014’s Big Bertha driver, with a large profile at address that boosts its moment of inertia (MOI) to make it more forgiving.

The Big Bertha Alpha 815 also has a Forged Composite crown that makes it surprisingly low spinning for its level of forgiveness — unless the Gravity Core is in the “up” position, that is.

The Big Bertha Alpha 815 will be available mid-November and will retail for $449.99

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond Driver:

That a mouthful to say but if you are a good enough player to handle this driver than this is the club for you.  The Double Black Diamond has all the technology the Alpha 815 has, but as its name indicates it was designed for experts. The low, forward CG position that allows it to be so low spinning also makes it the company’s least forgiving driver for 2015. In other words, golfers should steer clear of the Double Black Diamond if their main goal is to improve performance on mishits.

The Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Driver will be available mid-November and will retail for $499.99

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Fairway Woods

Like the Big Bertha Alpha Drivers, the Alpha fairway woods feature leading-edge technology targeted toward the better, more skilled golfers.  The fairway woods have moveable weight technology with two weight ports that accommodate either a heavy 30 gram weight or a lighter 3 gram weight.

The weight ports are situated on the front and rear part of the fairway woods’ soles, giving golfers to option to choose between a low, forward center of gravity (CG) location that lowers spin and a more rearward CG location that raises spin and increases forgiveness.

The Alpha 815 fairways will be available in lofts of 14, 16 and 18 degrees and will be offered with Fujikura’s Motore Speeder 665 and Aldila’s Rogue 70 stock shafts.

No official release date and pricing is available at the time of this writing.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Hybrids

Unlike the standard Big Bertha Hybrid which also will be available in 2015, the Big Bertha Apha 815 Hybrid will have a more compact head with a more forward CG targeted at the better golfer with higher swing speeds.

The Alpha 815 hybrids will be available in three lofts — 18, 20 and 23 — and come stock with Fujikura’s Speeder 865 graphite shafts.

No official release date and pricing is available at the time of this writing.

Callaway Big Bertha Irons - 2015

The new Big Bertha 2015 iron is Callaway's first to incorporate a "360-degree face cup." This technology, which refers to the way the clubface wraps over the crown and sole, has been limited to Callaway's woods. Attaching the stainless steel face to a hollow body allows specific areas of the face to be made thinner, which leads to more flex and ball speed. Big Bertha irons also have an extra strip of mass that runs heel-to-toe behind the face to shift the CG low and forward. This weight placement is meant to direct more energy into the ball for added speed.  The combination of hotter face, hollow body and lower CG helps Callaway back up their claim that this new iron will be 2 clubs longer than your current irons.

Big Bertha 2015 irons are available now and a standard  8 piece set retails for $999 with True Temper's Speed Step 80 shaft, and UST Mamiya's Recoil graphite shaft for $1,199

Callaway Big Bertha Hybrids - 2015:

The new Big Bertha Hybrid is Callaway's first fully-adjustable hybrid. These hybrids have an OptiFit hosel that provides eight combinations of loft (-1°, standard, +1°, +2°) and lie angle (draw or neutral). Having the adjustability component gives you the freedom to find the proper loft (and carry distances) to avoid big yardage gaps between clubs.

The use of face cup technology, a larger more clubhead and standing wave technology makes this one of the longest and most forgiving hybrids in the Callaway lineup.

The Big Bertha hybrid is offered in five different loft options (19, 22, 25, 28 and 31 degrees) and retails for $249.99.

Callaway X Hot Line - 2015:
Rumour has is that Callaway will continue with the X Hot Line for 2015 but at the time of this writing no additional information is available.

Cobra Golf 2015:

Cobra Fly-Z Woods Line:
Gone is the BiO Cell from 2014 and enter the Fly Z for 2015.

For 2015, Cobra is offering 3 drivers (along with 3 fairway wood and 2 hybrid lines) each with distinct performance characteristics. All of the drivers are 460cc.

The Fly-Z and FLY-Z+ feature 3° of loft adjustability along with Cobra's SmartPad technology, while the FLY Z XL is available in single lofts of 9.5°, 10.5°, and 11.5°.
While there are several key differences between the models, they share several common foundation Cobra technologies.  Estimated Release Date: Mid-January 2015

Cobra Fly-Z+ Driver:

This is Cobra's first adjustable CG driver and probably the flagship of the new Fly-Z line.  Like last year, it incorporates the E9 face technology, the MyFly 8 adjustable loft hosel and SmartPad technology.  What is new is a Speed Channel Face technology which is  a channel surrounding the perimeter of the face that provides better performance on mis-hits, while also allowing for a mass savings compared to traditional face designs.

It also has a multi-material head consisting of titanium face and body with crown and sides of the club being carbon composite.

The new Flip Zone Weighting technology is the most significant new feature for this driver. Basically, Cobra took all of that mass they saved through material changes and engineering, and used it to create a front to back adjustable weighting - adjustable center of gravity - system.  The design allows a 15 gram weight to be moved up to 4mm back to front to produce the most adjustable CG driver available on the market .

Cobra's FLY-Z+ Driver is loft adjustable from 8.5° to 11.5° with additional Draw settings at 9°, 10°, and 11°. Retail price for the FLY-Z+ is $399. Look for it at retail beginning January 15th, 2015.

Cobra Fly-Z Driver:

Made to be more forgiving, the Cobra Fly-Z Driver features an all titanium design and a fixed, non-adjustable back zone weight which creates maximum inertia in a one-weight system while still keeping the CG lower than other competing drivers.

Cobra's FLY-Z Driver is loft adjustable from 9° to 12° with additional Draw settings at 9.5°, 10.5°. Retail price for the FLY-Z is $329. Look for it at retail beginning January 15th, 2015.

Cobra Fly-Z Fairway Woods and Hybrids:

The new Fly-Z+ Fairway Woods feature a more compact head and sets slightly open at address.  It also has a front CG zone weighting which moves the center of gravity of the club forward and low.
Better players will appreciate the higher launch, lower spin and increased peak ball speed the weighting creates.

It will be available in a 3/4 Wood and a 4/5 Wood with MyFly adjustable hosel and SmartPad technology.  Look for it in stores beginning Mid January with a retail price of $249.99

The Fly Z-Fairway Woods feature a larger, deeper clubhead with back CG zone weighting for more forgiveness.  It will also be available in a 3/4 Wood and a 4/5 Wood with adjustable MyFly hosel and SmartPad technology.  Look for it in stores beginning Mid January with a retail price of $229.99

The Fly Z-Hybrids Cobra’s Fly-Z hybrids are slightly larger than the previous year's BiO cell hybrids and have a lower, more rearward CG to raise launch and lower spin.  The hybrids also have MyFly adjustable hosels and SmartPads to help their faces sit squarely regardless of loft setting.  The hybrids will be available in 2/3, 3/4, and 4/5 models with MyFly adjustable lofts and SmartPad technology.  They will be available for sale Mid-January and retail for $199.99

Cobra Fly-Z XL Family

A game-improvement line-up targeted at golfers with higher handicaps that are looking for clubs that will help the game easier and more enjoyable.  Consisting of a Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrids and Irons the Fly-Z XL line includes some of the most forgiving and easiest-to-hit clubs that Cobra has ever produced. Available Mid-November 2014

Cobra Fly-Z XL Driver:

Technology including Speed Channel Face, Titanium head, E9 Face Weighting and offset design make this the easiest to hit and longest Cobra driver. The offset design promotes draw-biased shots while combating the dreaded slice, giving you maximum distance off the tee. COBRA’S R&D team expanded the face, the largest ever featuring E9 Face Technology, while lowering the CG to deliver easy distance, even on the worst of shots.  Available in lofts of 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 and in a women' model  The Fly-Z XL Driver retails for $279 and will be available Mid-November.

Cobra Fly-Z XL Fairways and Hybrids:

The engineers at COBRA have engineered the Fly-Z XL Fairways and Hybrids for forgiveness by incorporating a low, back CG, Crown Zone Weighting with an offset head design to maximize launch and feature COBRA’s revolutionary Speed Channel Face for more forgiveness and increased distance from the fairway.

The Fly-Z XL Fairways are available in 3,5 and 7 Woods and retail for $199.99 and will be available by the end of November.

The Fly-Z Hybrids are available in lofts of 19, 22, 25, 28 and 31 degrees.  They will retail for $169.99 and be available by the end of November.

Cobra Fly-Z XL Irons:

The oversized yet traditionally shaped Fly-Z XL Irons are designed to give golfers confidence at address and deliver easy distance through consistently higher trajectories. The dual hollow cavity design allows for a deeper, lower CG which delivers easy up and easy distance. In addition, the hollow construction allows for a thinner face which, along with the Speed Channel, delivers additional ball speed, incredible distance and saves weight. The progressive offset design helps to create easy draw.

The Fly-Z XL irons will be available in a standard  8-piece iron set or a combo Hybrid/Iron set.  The 8-Piece standard set in steel retails for $499.99 and the 8-Piece Combo Set in steel retails for $599.99 and will be available by the end of November.

Cobra Fly-Z Pro Irons

Designed for the low-handicap and Tour player, this iron is not for everyone.  If you have the game to handle these then give them a try - it is the same set the Ricky Fowler will be gaming next year.

As has always been the case, Cobra's forged offerings (which include the FLY-Z Pro and FLY-Z+), are manufactured using a 5 step forging process that yields tighter tolerances, tighter grain, and ultimately better feel.  A tungsten weight has been added to the toe of these irons to move the center of gravity more towards the center of the face.  This is the desired position to produce more solid impact and feel.   

Cobra will offer FLY-Z Pro for $899 (which is a great price for a forged set) and will be available March 1, 2015

Cobra Fly-Z + Irons

This is a another forged set but this set contain game-improvement features that will make them more playable for golfers with mid-to-low handicaps.

FLY-Z+ model features an undercut cavity in the 3-8 iron. As they did with FLY-Z Pro, Cobra used Tungsten weights (3-7 irons) to reallocate some of that proverbial discretionary mass to the toe in order so shift the CG to the center.  Additional perimeter weighting and a vibration dampening TPU insert make this one of the most forgiving set of forged irons available.

Cobra will offer FLY-Z +for $899 (which is a great price for a forged set) and will be available end of January, 2015

Cobra Fly-Z Irons

Cobra's new offering in the game improvement category.  The new Fly-Z irons feature several enhancements that make these irons one of the most versatile on the market. While other manufacturers focused their irons on delivering distance, Cobra has focused on delivering more "feel".  

Fly-Z irons  feature undercut cavities, which allowed Cobra to steal mass to use around the perimeter of the club...as well as a low and back Position to help get the ball airborne.

That under cut cavity also allowed for a larger unsupported face, which helps create the distance part of the equation.

Cobra has also built into this iron the "Speed Channel" technology that is used in their current Fly-Z woods which increase flex at impact and imparts more balls speed.

Cobra FLY-Z Irons are available in Black, Red, Orange, Blue, or White colors.

Steel combo sets (7 irons + 1 FLY-Z Hybrid) start at $699. 2 Hybrid sets (steel irons) are $799, while 2 Hybrid graphite sets are $899.

Available January 20, 2015.

Cleveland updates its popular CG Black Family line for 2015 which includes a CG Black Driver, Fairway, Hybrid and Irons.  The CG Black line specifically targets"Seniors, Women & golfers with Slower Swing Speeds". The Driver , Fairway, Hybrids and irons all benefit from lower COG to increase launch angle and carry.

Cleveland GC Black Driver - 2015

The new CG Black driver incorporates new technology such as variable face thickness and lower, more-forward CG to help golfers with slower swing speeds.  The is the lightest and most forgiving driver Cleveland has ever made. If you are a golfer with slower swing speed looking to gain more distance then you should take a look at this driver.

The CG Black Driver will be available in lofts of 9, 10.5 and 12 degrees and will sell for $349.99.  It will be available by mid-November.

Cleveland CG Black Fairway Woods and Hybrids - 2015

The CG Black Fairways and Hybrids utilize lower swing MOI and lower center of gravity to increase launch angle and carry for Seniors and Women. 

The CG Black fairway woods are available in a 3,4,5,7 and 9 wood configurations.  It will retail for $199.99 and be available by mid-November.

The CG Black Hybrid are available in lofts of 17, 19, 21, 24 and 27 degrees of loft.  It will retail for $169.99 and be available by mid-November.

Cleveland CG Black Irons - 2015:

The CG Black Irons were designed to make Senior and Women golfers carry the ball longer. These irons are designed for higher launch and longer carry for golfers with swing speeds less than 90 mph.

This is a progressive set of irons starting with a hollow hydric chassis in the 4 and 5 irons move the COG lower and towards the back of the club making it easier to launch the ball higher. In the 6 and 7 iron, we utilized a lower COG by making the face thinner to achieve this higher launch. Keeping an orthodox chassis makes these irons easy to address and also improves workability.

The stock set comes 4-PW and retails for $699.99 with steel shaft and $799.99 with a graphite shaft. 

2015 is going to be a big year for Mizuno with the release of new products in both their JPX Line and MP Line.  The new JPX 850 is line targeted and the average golfer with a blend of game-improvement technology with Mizuno playability.

The MP line continues to offer better players the best collection of forged irons on the market.

Mizuno JPX  Line is the more forgiving line of equipment from Mizuno offering a fine balance forgiveness and shot-making ability. Irons are available now and the woods will be available December 2014.

Mizuno JPX 850 Driver:

The JPX 850 Driver has a sliding adjustable-weight system with three weight ports (one on the heel, toe and center of the sole). You can move a pair of eight-gram weights into any port, allowing players to set up the club for a fade or draw. The adjustable hosel provides eight loft settings from 7.5 to 11.5 degrees.  

The driver has a 440cc titanium head. The stock shaft is Fujikura's Motore VC6.3.  It will retail for $399.99 and be available mid-November.

Mizuno JPX 850 Fairway Woods and Hybrids:

The Mizuno JPX 850 fairway woods and hybrids, both categories in the JPX-850 lineup (3, 5 and 7 fairway woods and 2, 3, 4 and 5 hybrids) feature Mizuno's Shock Wave sole.

This sole looks something like a wave and, according to Mizuno, allows the entire clubhead to contract then expand upon impact. The purpose is to deliver more energy from the swing to the ball. The Shock Wave Sole is designed to be particularly effective on shots where contact is made low on the face, and the center of gravity has been lowered in both the fairway woods and hybrids.

Retail prices are $249.99 for the fairway woods and $199.99 for the hybrids.

Mizuno JPX 850 Irons:

The JPX 850 irons are built with an extremely strong Hot Metal face insert with multiple thicknesses to provide what Mizuno reps say is the highest COR of any iron made today. A new pocket design that reaches deep into the sole and high into the upper area of the clubhead incrementally expands the COR area vertically on the clubface to provide faster ball speeds across the entire face.

A Max MOI Pocket creates a lower sweetspot and maintains optimal launch and ball speeds on miss-hits that are low on the face which is where the average golfer currently misses most of their shots.  

A standard 8-piece set with steel shaft retails for $799.99 and $899.99 for graphite.

Mizuno JPX 850 Forged Irons:

Like the name says this is a forged set of irons from Mizuno the leaders in forged irons. But what makes this different is that instead of the usual 1025E forging Mizuno has added Boron to the forged steel.  According to Mizuno, Boron is stronger and lighter than traditional steel allowing a thinner face and faster ball speeds. Whether you are a mid-handicapper who wants to play a forged iron, or a scratch player who wants something easier to hit but with the same control, these are an iron you should hit before you buy your next set.  The irons come in a stock set of 4-GW with a True Temper XP 115 shaft and retail for $999 and $1099.99 for a graphite shaft.

Mizuno MP H5 Irons:

The MP-H5, for 0- to 16-handicappers, is best for players one step removed from the JPX line. It’s built to hit high, long shots that land softly. The 3- to 6-irons have stainless steel bodies, powerful maraging steel face inserts (the 4-iron produces a 0.81 COR), and wide soles for a low, deep CG. By design, they launch shots at a similar height with less spin than the larger MP-H4 they replace. MP-H5 short irons (7-PW) have forged carbon steel bodies with stainless steel back weights. Unlike previous MP short irons, these are hollow for more consistent CG depth and steadier performance throughout the set.

Mizuno MP 15 Forged Irons:

The company’s MP irons remain the embodiment of tradition, with the slick look and sweet feel that advanced players crave. The new MP-15, for 0- to 8-handicappers, is engineered to provide more forgiveness than the half-cavity MP-59 and more maneuverability than the blade-like MP-64. This happy medium comes from its forged 1025E carbon steel head, which has a large recessed area behind the sweet spot that’s filled with lightweight titanium. Swapping carbon steel for titanium allows Mizuno to shift 28 extra grams to the perimeter for more help on misses, while an updated CG location allows for improved ball control. More mass high in the face gives this multimaterial head a feel similar to Mizuno’s one-piece “grain flow” forgings. As for head size, the long irons are similar to the MP-59, while the scoring clubs are in line with the MP-64. The sole—identical to the MP-64’s—has a rounded leading edge and a rolled trailing edge.

Nike Vapor Line

Nike is putting a charge into its new 2015 lineup which will consist of Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids, and Irons.  In addition to the Bold colors used by Nike, they took a the feedback from their core of professional players and have introduced this new line which is gaining buzz in the marketplace.  Nike has finally arrived as a serious provider in the golf equipment marketplace. Nike Vapor Irons are available now while the Drivers, Fairways and Hybrids will be available  Mid-January 2015

Nike Vapor Pro Driver

This is the driver Rory McIlroy first put into play at this year's Ryder Cup and we all know how well he played.  Nike has combined two of its most effective driver technologies over the past years to produce a driver that is already a making waves on tour.  

1.  An updated compression channel has been positioned closer to the leading edge. It is thinner in the middle and wider in the heel and toe. Shots hit in the sweetspot don’t need as much ball-speed enhancement, but the wider channel in the heel and toe provide a greater trampoline effect on mis-hits, when it’s needed most.

2.  The large cavity in the back of the sole was first seen in the Covert drivers, and it was used again in last season’s Covert 2.0 drivers. It was updated with a pair of fang-like supports that Nike calls Fly Beams.

Each Vapor Pro driver has an adjustable hosel system that allows players to use any of three face angle settings and change the club’s loft from as little as 8.5 degrees to as much as 12.5 degrees

Vapor Pro driver comes standard with a Mitsubishi Diamana S+ Blue Board 60 shaft and will cost $399 when it arrives in stores Jan. 30, 2015.

Nike Vapor Flex  Driver

Like the name suggest, this is Nike's most adjustable driver to date.  The Vapor Flex driver offers the company’s variation on customizing the club’s center of gravity. Called FlexFlight, the technology centers around the Flightpod, a 15-gram weight made from the same RZN material found in the company’s golf balls and new Vapor irons. The weight is denser on one end than the other and sits in the cavity back of the club. Set in one direction, the center of gravity can go low and forward (to couple with a higher loft). In the other direction, the center of gravity moves back.

By adjusting the position of the rod, the clubhead's CG can be moved 2.4mm, from low and forward to low and back, effectively altering both launch angle and spin rates.

There is also an adjustable hosel that allows for loft and face angle to be altered independently of one another, providing 15 different combinations. This new system, called Flex Loft 2.0, is 30 lighter than the previous Flex Loft design, allowing for more weight to be repositioned in more useful areas of the clubhead.

The Vapor Flex driver comes standard with a Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana S+ Blue Board 60 shaft and will retail $499 and be available in Mid-January.  

Nike Vapor Speed Driver

This is Nike's most forgiving driver in the new Vapor lineup. The Vapor Speed also features Nike’s adjustable Flex Loft 2.0 adjustable hosel system (but not the Flex-Flight adjustable CG technology) and is aimed at players simply looking for high launch and maximum distance. The deep-face Speed offers the most forgiveness in the Vapor family and also produces slightly more spin than the other models.

The Vapor Speed comes standard with Mitsubishi's Fubuki Z 50 Ultralight shaft.

The Vapor Speed driver comes standard with a Fubuki Z 50 shaft and will retail $299 and be available in Mid-January.

Nike Vapor Fairways and Hybrids

There will be two different options available in the Vapor fairway and .hybrid lines which depending on your goals will be right for you.

First the SPEED Line, just like its name, is built for speed and distance.  They will feature non-adjustable hosels and have clubheads larger than the FLEX models.

The FLEX Line will feature, smaller more compact heads with a fully adjustable hosel.

With the addition of Nike's FlexLoft 2 adjustability system in the hosel the Flex offers five lofts and three face angles to total 15 options for the golfer to choose from.

The FlexLoft system has been improved and is now 30% lighter than in previous generations. This allows weight to be moved in the head to lower the CG by 2mm in the Vapor Flex fairway.

Nike Vapor Speed Fairway Woods
Availability: January 30, 2015
Specifications: 3W: 15° (RH/LH); 5W: 19° (RH/LH): MRC Fubuki Z 60 shaft: X, S, R, A, W
MSRP: $199.99

Nike Vapor Flex Fairway Woods
Availability: January 30, 2015
Specifications: 3W: 13° – 17° (RH/LH); 5W: 17° – 21° (RH/LH): MRC Diamana S+ Blue Board 70 shaft: X, S, R
MSRP:  $249.00

Nike Vapor Speed Hybrids
Availability: Jan. 30, 2015
Specifications: 2H: 17° (RH), 3H: 20° (RH/LH), 4H: 23° (RH/LH), 5H: 26° (RH); shaft: Fubuki Z 70
MSRP:  $179.00

Nike Vapor Flex Hybrids
Availability: Jan. 30, 2015
Specifications: 3H: 17° – 21° (RH/LH), 4H: 21°-25° (RH/LH); shaft: Diamana S+ 80
MSRP:  $229.00

Nike Vapor Pro Combo Iron Set

This has always been one of Nike's most popular irons because it combines the best of all irons into one beautiful forged set.  The new Vapor Pro Combo set combines easier-to-hit longer irons with shot-shaping precision in the shorter, scoring irons.  

While the past Pro Combo sets were designed more for better players, but the company says this set fits perfectly between the better-player Vaper Pro and the max game-improvement Vapor Speed irons.

The 3- through 7-irons were designed with a spring steel face to help create more ball speed. Their bodies were created from 1025 carbon steel and given a pocket cavity that houses a RZN insert. The material is similar to the resin used in Nike’s RZN golf ball cores.

The 8-iron through Attack Wedge in the Pro Combo set are muscle-cavity clubs made completely from 1025 carbon steel to enhance feel and help golfers achieve more accuracy and control.

The Vapor Pro Combo irons come standard with True Temper Dynamic Gold Pro shafts.  They are available now and  retail for $1,099.

Nike Vapor Pro Iron Set

Designed with input from Tiger woods the Vapor Pro is positioned as a replacement to traditional blade irons.

The main technological advantage provided by the Vapor Pro design is what Nike calls a "modern muscle," a design that incorporates tungsten plugs that significantly improves the CG location of the club by moving it closer to the center of the clubface. Unlike traditional blade designs, which feature a CG that's closer to the hosel, the Vapor Pro and its modern muscle design provide the best results when the ball is struck in the middle of the clubface, and produces much improved results on shot struck off-center.

Other features of the new Vapor Pro irons include a carbon steel forged construction, slightly longer blade length in the long irons with slightly more bounce for added forgiveness through the ground, precision-machined X3X grooves, minimal offset, and thin top lines. A low-glare satin chrome finish provides a classic look all traditionalists will appreciate. 

Look for these irons to be in Tiger and Rory's bag soon.

The Vapor Pro irons come standard with True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts.  They are available now and  retail for $999.99

  Nike Vapor Speed Irons

The Nike Vapor Speed irons are the longest irons ever made by Nike.
Targeted more towards the average golfer, the Vapor Speed, is for players that simply want maximum distance and forgiveness. Like the Pro and Pro Combo irons, the Vapor Speed is also built with Nike's modern muscle design, which moves the CG not only closer to the center of the clubface but also lower and deeper in the clubhead. This CG location, combined with very thin clubfaces and lighter, longer shafts, provide high launching shots with maximum carry distance. 

The 2-7 irons in the set feature a hollow construction that help them function like metalwoods for maximum distance, while the short irons and wedges in the set are built with RZN in the cavity, improving feel, sound, and stability at impact. Other features of the Vapor Speed irons include moderate sole widths, beveled leading edges for more versatility from a variety of lies, precision machined X3X grooves for optimum spin and consistency, progressive face heights, and larger blade profiles.

The Vapor Speed irons come standard with True Temper Dynalite steel shafts. They are available now and retail for $799.99

TaylorMade Golf 2015:

Unlike 2014, when TaylorMade seemed like they were releasing a new driver every 3 months, they have been very quiet so far on the plans in the Driver/Woods category.  As of this writing there are rumours of TaylorMade going back to naming their driver with "R" name.  If this is true then we should be on the lookout for a R-15 driver designed to replace the existing SLDR.

TaylorMade has announced three new irons sets so far for 2015.  The TaylorMade RSi line of irons takes slot technology to the next level by adding vertical slots near the heel and toe of the clubface which according to TaylorMade will maintain ball speeds on off-center hits.

TaylorMade RSi 1 Irons:

The new RSi 1 irons are replacing the current SpeedBlade irons . They are the largest and most forgiving of the three RSi iron models.  The 3-7 irons are cast from 450 stainless steel and have TaylorMade’s ThruSlot technology, which cuts through the entirety of their soles. The 8-LW are cast from 17-4 stainless steel.

The RSi 1′s have the thinnest faces of any of TaylorMade’s new irons, as well as the company’s Inverted Cone Technology, which work together with their face slots and Speed Pockets to make the RSi 1′s the longest irons in TaylorMade’s 2015 line.

The RSi 1 irons come standard with a REAX steel shaft and an 8-piece set will retail for $799.99 and be available in Mid-November.

TaylorMade RSi 2 Irons:

The new RSi 2 irons are positioned as a replacement to the SLDR iron line.  TaylorMade’s RSi 2 are the company’s most progressive iron set, with five different constructions within the nine-club set to offer the company’s best mix of distance, precision and feel.

Engineers added tungsten to the long irons (3-5), which improves their forgiveness. The long irons, including the 6 and 7 irons, are cast from 450 stainless steel. They all have TaylorMade’s Thru-Slot technology, and offer even faster ball speeds than the company’s SLDR irons.

The 8-PW are cast from 431 stainless steel, but they have 1025 forged face inserts to deliver the softer feel that better players tend to prefer. The sets AW (50 degrees) and SW (55 degrees) are fully forged from 1025 carbon steel.

The RSi 2 irons come standard with a KBS Tour steel shaft and an 8-piece set will retail for $999.99 and be available in Mid-November.

Titleist Golf 2015

Probably one of the most anticipated new products for the 2015 is the release of the new Titleist 915 Line of Drivers, Fairways and Hybrids.  The biggest technological feature for this line is the introduction of an Active Recoil Channel.  This is a channel that runs from the heel to the toe just behind the leading edge.  It is designed to get the front of the driver to flex more effectively at impact
generating more ball speed and less spin.

Titleist 915D Drivers

The 915 D2 has a 460cc head and a slight draw bias so its targeted toward the golfer that is looking for a little more forgiveness.  

The 915 D3 Driver has a smaller 440cc Driver which is easier to work the ball and produces less spin and a more boring ball flight.

In addition to the Active Recoil Channel, both drivers also features the 16-position SureFit Tour adjustable hosel system. It allows golfers to increase the club’s stated loft by as much as 1.5 degrees or reduce it by .75 degrees. You also can adjust the club up to 1.5 degrees more upright or flatten the lie angle by .75 degrees.

The new Titleist 915 D drivers will come standard with a wide range of shaft options and retail for $449.99.  They will be available starting Mid-November

Titleist 915F Fairways

There are two 915 fairway woods, come in 175cc 915F and a 160cc 915F.d models.  Both have a classic look at address, featuring a black crown and an understated alignment aid near the face. Both clubs also feature Titleist’s SureFit Tour adjustable hosel system that allows golfers to change the loft and lie independently. 

They also feature the new Active Recoil Channel technology where channel is slightly deeper in the fairway woods, and positioned slightly closer to the face, than in the drivers.  This is done to increase increase ball speed and reduce spin imparted by the higher lofted fairway woods.

The 914 Fd model features a smaller head and deeper face which will produce less spin and a more boring trajectory. 

The 915F will be available in lofts of 13.5, 15, 16.5, 18 and 21 degrees. The 915F.d will be available in 13.5- and 15-degree versions.  Each will retail for  $279 when they arrive in stores Nov. 14.

Titleist 915H Hybrids

Built with the same technology found in the fairway woods and drivers, the 915H is finely tuned to increase ball speed and impart just the right amount of spin.  Unlike fairways and drivers, hybrids are usually hit to greens so accuracy and spin control are more important so the Active Recoil Channel has been modified to increase ball speed while keeping spin at the optimal level.  

The 915H has a stainless steel, 118cc-head. The 915H.d has a 107cc head. The 915H was designed to create slightly more spin and has a slightly higher launch angle, and both clubs were given the same uniformly thick Carpenter stainless steel face insert.

The 915H will be available in lofts of 18, 21, 24 and 27 degrees. The 915H.d will come in lofts of 17.5, 20.5 and 23.5 degrees. Both will retail for $249 when they arrive in stores Nov. 14.

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