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Top 10 New Golf Clubs For 2014 - Great Golf Deals.com Blog

It's January 2014 and the annual PGA Merchandise show is next week but we are jumping the gun and coming out with our top 10 most anticipated golf clubs for 2014 now.

In the golfing world we are constantly bombarded by new products that offer us the latest in features and technology, promising to bring miraculous results to our golf game. This year there is no difference as we see the claims for additional distance and more accuracy and we all believe it. But that is what keeps us all in the golf industry in business - it's the selling of hope that this next piece of equipment you buy will greatly improve your game and help you shoot lower scores.

Based on the "buzz" we are seeing online and in our stores here are the Top 10 New Golf Clubs for 2014:

1.  Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Driver

You don't just resurrect the name Big Bertha without having the substance behind it to back it up. The new 2014 Big Bertha Alpha Driver is already in the bag of some of the top PGA Tour Pros including Phil Mickelson. The Big Bertha Alpha features an innovation never before seen with its Gravity Core. This carbon tube sits inside the club head, connecting the crown and sole. It can be inserted in one of two ways, giving players the opportunity to change the vertical center of gravity within the club head.

For the first time ever, allowing you to reduce spin without having to reduce loft. According to Callaway, moving from the higher CG position to the lower one results in an average of 300 RPM less spin. Callaway’s player testing has shown as much as a 600 RPM decrease.
Boasting four independent forms of adjustability, the Big Bertha Alpha represents the ultimate in customisation. And according to Hocknell is the "most flexible fitting platform ever devised."

Callaway Big Bertha 2014 Drivers will be available starting February 14, 2014

2.  TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC Irons

Like the name "Big Bertha", TaylorMade does not just slap the name "Tour Preferred" on any new club. Actually the last line of Tour Preferred irons came out in 2011 so with all the new technology advances in the iron category it was time for the new 2014 Tour Preferred line.  

As far as buzz goes, the Tour Preferred MC is the most talked-about model in the line. The long and mid irons (3- through 7-iron) are made from 431 stainless steel and feature a muscle-cavity with the Speed Pocket technology in the sole.

"The Speed Pocket is similar to the one in Tour Preferred CB, but it has it in a way that's a little bit less aggressive of an execution," Wahl said. "For people who are looking for a little more consistency and a little higher flight but don't want to give up the look or feel, this is a great happy medium."

The short irons (8-PW) are forged from 1025 carbon steel -- a softer material that offers more feel -- and have a smaller cavity that gives it a similar look to that of a muscleback. The grooves were also milled to improve spin on shots from the rough.

TaylorMade 2014 Tour Preferred Irons are available now.

3.  Adams XTD Ti Hybrids

If you are still using long irons then it's about time you tried one of these new hybrids from the company that is famous for hybrid technology.  If you are like some golfers who refuse to switch to hybrids because they feel they will lose some control and end up with a hooking machine then the XTD ti is a perfect match for your game.  First, Adams spared no expense in creating the XTD ti line by using the highest grade material including a titanium face and all the  latest technology. I think XTD Ti is the best compromise in terms of head size, length, feel, and overall playability. 

The XTD ti flaunts an optimally-low CG, making it extremely easy to get the ball airborne for more consistent and controllable performance.

"We've consistently led the way in hybrid innovation and these have taken it to an entirely new level," added Honea. "We made sure XTD included every element to give golfers all they need when facing a long approach or looking to advance the ball toward the hole."

Adams XTD Ti Hybrids are available now.

4.  Ping i25 Driver

With distinctive racing stripes on the crown, there's no question PING's i25 driver has a different look than its predecessor, the i20.

While the two drivers have the same matte-black, non-glare finish on the crown, PING designers decided to add black stripes for one reason in particular: to improve alignment.

Of course, the racing stripe design wasn't the only noticeable upgrade on the i25. The multi-material driver, which is geared for all ability levels, has a 460-cubic centimeter head with a Ti 8-1-1 body and variable-thickness Ti 6-4 face that's thicker in the center and thinner towards the heel and toe for increased ball speeds and forgiveness.

The low-spin, high-launch driver — it has a move forward CG than G25 that helps reduce spin — also features PING's Trajectory Tuning technology, a lightweight, adjustable hosel system made from high strength aluminum (the loft sleeve also includes an adjustable titanium screw) that allows golfers to add or subtract loft by 0.5 degrees.

Ping i25 Driver will be available for sale in February 2014.

Most golfers when they think of Mizuno irons they think that they are only designed for professional or want-to-be professional golfers and that they are too hard to hit for the average golfer. But this is so far from the truth with the new Mizuno JPZ EZ iron line.  

The minute you hold a JPX-EZ iron in your hand you notice the cavity of the iron right away, particularly the Max Pocket Cavity of the 4 thru 7 irons.  One important thing to note about this is that you don’t really notice it at address, which was a great thing..  What I liked about the JPX-EZ irons is that there was so much added forgiveness without making the irons look or feel overly bulky.  And these irons are long - the longest irons Mizuno has ever made. 

Overall, I think the JPX-EZ is a great design that a lot of golfers will enjoy a great deal. They offer great distance, a great deal of forgiveness and that great look we’ve come to expect out of Mizuno irons.

Mizuno JPX EZ irons are available now.

6.  Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance Putter

Adams Scott won the Masters with the "Illegal" version of this putter but now with the dual-balanced design you can own the legal version.  The Futura X Dual Balance is a high-MOI mallet that features two 10-gram weights in the sole – one in the heel and one in the toe – as well as a 20-gram weight at each end of the back wing section. These weights help the Futura X Dual Balance resist twisting on off-center hits, which should help golfers keep the ball on their intended target line. The weights also lower the club’s center of gravity, but because so much of the head’s weight is behind the player’s hands at address, Titleist says that initiating the backswing and keeping it on the intended path are much easier.

While Scott’s Futura X putter is a broomstick model and he anchors it to his sternum, the Futura X Dual Balance comes standard at 38 inches. It is slightly longer than standard because Titleist encourages players to choke down so that a 50-gram weight positioned under the top section of the 15-inch grip stays above the hands. The weight above the hands acts as a counterbalance, and according to Titleist greatly helps to slow down the hands during the stroke for more consistency. To remind players to choke down, the top portion of the red grip is colored gray, and “Dual 50 gram Balance” has been printed on it.

Scotty Cameron Futura X Putters are available now.

7.  Nike VR_S Covert 2.0 Driver

The new VR_S Covert 2.0 driver may look a lot like last year's model but as they say, looks are only skin deep.  Nike spent more resources in the design of their new 2.0 Covert driver than any other item in their 2014 lineup.  The Covert 2.0 takes advantage of something called Fly-Brace technology in the hollow internal cavity. Because this cavity cannot be seen, Fly-Brace cannot be seen.

Fly-Brace is a support brace inside the clubhead that runs from the crown on top to the sole on the bottom. Nike says it creates a rock-solid union between the two. Stiff, in this case, is a good thing. It means more stability and less energy loss, particularly in the rear portion of the clubhead. Nike says this creates a more efficient energy release in the face of the driver which results in more distance and more control over off-center hits.

As one of the biggest surprises in the driver field last year, any improvement this year is going to make this driver great as Rory McIlroy and Nick Whatney have already experienced with their Covert 2.0 Driver.

Nike VR_S Covert 2.0 Drivers will be available starting February 14, 2014

8.  Callaway APEX Forged Irons

Callaway has combined the soft "buttery" feel of a classic forged iron with the extra distance and forgiveness of a game improvement iron.  Callaway achieves this by including a thin, 455 Carpenter high-strength steel face insert that is the same material Callaway uses in the forged cup faces of its X Hot fairway woods to help the ball jump off the face.  

The lightweight face insert also means that Callaway could reposition weight low in the head. Using a tungsten insert in the sole to lower the center of gravity helps increase launch angles in the low irons (3-5 irons) and improve forgiveness. This composition, Callaway says, creates a clubhead with the performance properties normally found in game-improvement irons, and helps golfers launch the ball at appropriate angles and spin rates throughout the set.

So all the benefits of feel, feedback and maneuverability of a forged set with the forgiveness and distance of a game improvement set - sounds too good to be true but I want to give it a try.

Callaway APEX Irons are available now.

For years the talk in the industry has been that the Tour Edge Exotics fairways have been the best performing fairway woods in the market.  Probably because they don't have the marketing budgets of the big boys a lot of golfers have never heard of Tour Edge but a lot of golfers who make a living playing the game have.  And instead of pumping dollars into advertising, Tour Edge just pours it into club design and innovation thus creating a monster fairway wood that should be on your list to try in 2014.

These fairway woods are so hot that they may keep your driver in the bag on some short, tight holes.  The XCG7 has a 465 forged maraging steel cup face that is combo-brazed to a hyper-steel body. It also includes TEE’s new Power Grid, which is positioned directly behind the hitting area to create an “accordion-like flex” at impact to increase spring-like effect, and Hexahedron sole weights that are positioned in the rear corners of the club head to increase its moment of inertia (MOI).

Tour Edge Exotic XCG7 fairways are available now.

10. Cobra BiO Cell Driver

Cobra's new BiO Cell and Bio Cell+ drivers aim to build on the success of last season's AMP Cell line that was not only colorful, but packed with adjustability and the company's new Advanced Material Placement and CELL technology that freed up discretionary weight by redistributing mass around the crown for a 12 percent larger E9 face shape and higher ball speeds on mis-hits.

With the new driver line, Cobra engineers took the AMP Cell technology even further with the help of internal BiO Cells — a honeycomb pattern on the inside of the head — that removed weight from the crown and positioned it low and back in the head to deliver a lower center of gravity and higher moment of inertia for increased distance and greater ball speeds on mis-hits.

Cobra BiO Cell Drivers are available now.

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