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Best Complete Golf Sets for Men, Women and Juniors 2016

Complete golf sets, which are full golf sets that include an integrated, matching set of woods, irons, putter, bag and headcover, used to be only made for beginning golfers and juniors that were just starting the game of golf and usually on a budget.

Today there are still a lot of complete golf sets available that beginners and juniors should be using but in recent years golf equipment manufacturers have started to offer full golf sets aimed at better-skilled golfers and primarily women and senior golfers.  This list will cover what we think are the top complete golf sets for 2016/2017 broken down by gender and golfer's skill level.

Here is our list of the Best Complete Golf Sets for 2016- 2017


Powerbilt Men's Grand Slam GS2 Complete Set

Perfect For: Men - Beginner, Recreational Golfers
Set : 15 Piece set that includes Driver, 3Wood, 5Hybrid, 6-SW, Mallet Putter, Stand Bag and Headcover.
Street Price: $289.99

Powerbilt makes some of the best complete sets in golf.  The Grand Slam is one of their best selling models because it features premium construction and material such as a lightweight alloy driver head and name-brand graphite shafts, all at a very competitive price.

Adams Tight Lies Complete Set

Perfect For: Men, Intermediate Golfers
Set: 13 Piece set the includes Driver, 3Wood, 5Wood, 4-6Hybrids, 7-PW,SW, Blade Putter, Bag and Headcovers.
Street Price: $579.99

The Adams Tight Lies line of clubs have been around for over 15 years.  The original Tight Lies fairway wood was one of the best selling fairway woods of all time.  It was the first low-profile fairway wood on the market which made it much easier to hit out of "tight lies".  Adams has continued to add innovations to the Tight Lies line and has developed a full line of Tight Lies clubs designed for distance, accuracy and forgiveness.

Cobra MAX Complete Set

Perfect For: Men, Senior, Advanced Golfers
Set: 13 Piece set the includes Driver, 3Wood, 5Wood, 4-6Hybrids, 7-PW,SW, Blade Putter, Bag and Headcovers.
Street Price: $899.99

In 2016, Cobra Golf introduced a new line of Metalwoods, and Irons called Cobra Max.   The COBRA MAX is the longest, easiest to hit family of clubs featuring designs that help to deliver easy high launch and easy straight ball flight.  They are marketed as Cobra's easiest-to hit and longest hitting clubs to date.

Until recently if you wanted a full set of the MAX clubs then you had to purchase the woods and the irons separately which meant "big time" investment.  Today, Cobra offers a Cobra MAX Complete set which includes a Cobra MAX driver, 3 and 5 Woods, a Cobra Max Hybrid/Iron Combo set 4-6H, 7-PW,SW a putter, cart bag and matching headcovers.

 The entire package has a street price of $899.99 but you are looking at an investment of over $1000 if you purchased everything separately.  So not only is it convenient to purchase a complete set -  it also can save you some significant cash.


Powerbilt Countess Complete Set

Perfect For: Women - Beginner, Recreational Golfers
Set : 15 Piece set that includes Driver, 2 FW Woods, 6Hybrid, 7-PW,SW, Mallet Putter, Cart Bag and Headcover.
Street Price: $209.99

Another quality Powerbilt complete golf set for women looking for a full matching set of graphite golf clubs that are premium quality without breaking the bank.

The PowerBilt women’s Countess golf package set includes a super high M.O.I. 460cc titanium driver and two stainless steel fairway woods, which provide explosive power and unmatched durability. The hybrid long iron launches the ball at a high trajectory for increased distance and control. The 7-SW irons are very forgiving and easy to hit. The set also includes a zinc alloy mallet putter and matching cart bag and headcovers.

The set is available for right and left-handers with bag colors of Pink, Green and Aqua.

Tour Edge Moda Silk Complete Set

Perfect For: Women - Intermediate Golfers
Set: 18 Piece set the includes Driver, 3Wood, 5Wood, 5-6Hybrids, 7-PW,SW, Blade Putter, Bag and Headcovers.
Street Price: $499.99

Moda Silk complete golf set is packed with high-flying features and distance-generating technology. Each club has been designed to enhance performance and forgiveness. The driver features a 460cc, hot titanium face for long and straight shots.

The fairways and hybrid are stainless steel with a deep and low center of gravity which helps get the ball in the air for higher more accurate ball flight. The irons are oversized with perimeter weighting and wide soles that produce higher more accurate shots even from off-center hits.

Callaway Solaire 13 Piece set - 2016

Perfect For: Women -  Advanced Golfers
Set: 13 Piece set the includes Driver, 3Wood, 5Wood, 7Wood, 5-6Hybrids, 7-PW,SW, Odyssey Putter, Bag and Headcovers.
Street Price: $759.99

Callaway golf has produced the Solaire line of premium golf clubs specifically for better women golfers.   The Women's Solaire 13-Piece Set is an all-in-one complete set of clubs with outstanding performance and forgiveness.

The large profiles on the woods and oversize cavities on the irons increase launch and forgiveness, making it easier for you to get on the green. And once you’re there, the set includes an Odyssey Marxman putter with visual alignment aid and face-balanced design enhance accuracy and control, so you can complete the hole in fewer strokes.

All the clubs in this set include a premium graphite shaft that is specifically weighted for a woman's swing. The Package is topped off with a premium full-sized cart bag and matching colors available in three different colors.


Powerbilt Complete Junior Sets

Perfect For: Junior - Beginner Golfers
Set : Varies per age/set
Street Price: $89 - $129.99

Powerbilt has a line of junior complete golf sets specifically made for beginners.  They have various sized sets based on the junior golfer' s height. The sets normally include a driver, fairway wood and a combination of hybrids, irons and wedges depending on the set.  All sets include a putter and  stand bag with matching headcovers.

Callaway  XJ Hot Complete Junior Set

Perfect For: Junior  - Intermediate Golfers
Set: 9 Piece set the includes Driver, 3Wood, 5Hybrid, 7Iron, 9Iron SW, Mallet Putter, Bag and Headcovers.
Street Price: $289.99

Callaway's XJ Hot junior golf sets have everything junior golfers need to play right away. The sets are available in two age groups, 5-8 and 9-12, with appropriate club lengths for each group.

The all-in-one set is designed to give juniors everything they need to play well. The clubs are engineered to improve distance control, with high ball flights out of a variety of lies to give them confidence on each shot.

US Kids Tournament Series (TS) Complete Junior Set

Perfect For: Junior - Advanced Golfers
Set: 10 Piece set the includes Driver, 3Wood, 4Hybrids, 5-PW,SW, Stand, Bag and Headcovers.
Street Price: $459.99

US Kids golf sets are available in various lengths from 39" through 63".  Their philosophy is that a properly fitted set will yield a better swing - especially for younger golfers.

For intermediate to advanced golfers, the Tour Series offers the technology expected by serious players while maintaining the U.S. Kids Golf fitting philosophy.

Designed for juniors who show intermediate-to-advanced skills, play competitive golf events, and have higher-than-average swing speeds. Tour Series is a natural bridge that prepares a player for adult clubs.

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