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Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Driver - 2024

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Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Driver - 2024
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The all-new Launcher XL 2 Driver isn't just big, it's a downright must-hit for anyone who wants help going longer and finding more fairways. That's because it's packed with an XL blend of our latest distance and forgiveness technologies. Like our AI-designed MainFrame XL variable face and our dual flex zoned Rebound Frame. It's everything you need to make it look easy off the tee.

Using a multi-step AI computing process, we simulated thousands of the most common strikes across the club face, emphasized the impact locations, and evaluated the performance characteristics.

Then, based on our findings, we created a variable thickness face design that enlarged and reshaped the sweet spot for an improved energy transfer across the face, delivering powerful ball speeds and distance wherever you make contact.

We've reworked our XL Head Design and weighting setup to deliver even more forgiveness and consistency. Weight was also saved by using an extremely thin crown that's supported by a strong, lightweight framework beneath. With these savings, MainFrame's AI-driven simulations allowed us to place more discretionary mass low and deep in the clubhead, optimizing the Driver's CG for long, high-launching ball flight.

Here's what sets Launcher XL 2 apart from other Drivers—the unique ability to flex twice. Like a spring within a spring, Rebound Frame technology adds a second ring of flexibility that sits just behind the face, supported by extra stiffness in the rear of the clubhead. At impact, these dual flex zones activate simultaneously, increasing the amount of energy transferred into the ball for more ball speed and amplified distance.

Action Mass CB places an 8-gram counterweight in the end of the shaft near the very top of your grip. The feel of added weight in your hands helps the club seem lighter, promoting a more stable, controlled backswing. It also helps promote a more inside swing path, squarer club face through impact, and, ultimately, straighter shots

Cleveland Launcher XL 2 Driver Features:

  • MainFrame XL Face technology uses AI to generate a variable thickness pattern that maximizes flex to boost ball speed and distance while repositioning weight lower in the head for added forgiveness and consistency
  • Improved XL Head design with a low, deep weight profile provides more MOI, stability, and forgiveness than the previous model and produces a high launch
  • Rebound Frame comprises 2 alternating flex zones acting in unison to direct more energy into the ball for increased ball speed
  • Action Mass CB 8 gram weight at the end of the shaft counterbalances the club for more control and stability through impact with a lighter feel
  • Adjustable hosel allows you to fine-tune launch angle, distance, and shot shape through 12 optional positions
  • Stock Shafts: ALDILA ASCENT PL 40 (Senior Flex) • Mitsubishi Tensei AV Series Blue 55 (Regular and Stiff Flex)
  • Stock Grip: Lamkin Crosline 360
  • Stock Club Weight: 307g Senior, 319g Regular, 320g Stiff
  • Stock Swing Weight: D2 Senior, D3 Regular & Stiff

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