Mizuno Pro 24 Fli-Hi - 2024

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Mizuno Pro 24 Fli-Hi - 2024
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Presenting the Mizuno Pro 24 Fli-Hi Utility Iron, a groundbreaking achievement in golf club design that seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with unparalleled craftsmanship. These irons showcase the innovative First Nickel Chromoly 4335+ Hollow Body Construction, harnessing the ultra-high strength of 4335+ in its heat-treated state for a high COR face and the more malleable untreated state for a bendable hosel. The L-Face Geometry introduces an optimized welding technique, enhancing sole flex contribution to COR and creating a thinner top line for a sleek aesthetic. The Multi-Thickness CORTECH Face, developed through advanced CAE analysis, ensures a larger COR area and higher peak COR for optimal performance. Harmonic Impact Technology, strategically using internal sound ribs, delivers a solid impact sound that resonates with precision. Completing the ensemble is the Black Ion Satin Finish, framing the ball perfectly at address and contributing to a slimmer, more compact look.

Mizuno Pro 24 Fli-Hi - 2024 Features:

  • First Nickle Chromoly 4335+ Hollow Body Construction Iron: Utilizing the ultra high strength properties of 4335+ in its heat treated state for a high COR face, and well as, the more malleable untreated state for body, thus allowing a bendable hosel
  • L-Face Geometry: A more optimized welding technique that allows more sole flex contribution to COR and thinner top line
  • Multi-Thickness CORTECH Face: Thickness profile developed through advanced CAE analysis for larger CORAREA and higher peak COR
  • Harmonic Impact Technology: Through study of the model properties of the head, strategic use of internal sound ribs, provides solid impact sound
  • Black Ion Satin Finish: Frames the ball perfectly at address and provides a slimmer, more compact look

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